Goodbye My Old Friend

Ever since the introduction of the Leica M10, I got this itch. One I didn't get when Leica introduced every other type 2xx version of the M-camera. But the new M10 doesn't come cheap, and what's a 6/7 year old M9 worth nowadays? An upgrade is only an option if I get a certain amount for my M9.

'Fortunately', my M9 suffered from sensor corrosion and got a free sensor replacement including some minor service which made the camera more valuable, so this was a perfect time to try to sell the camera and get a bit more money for it.

Since the Leica M9 was relatively old I didn't expect to sell the camera that quickly, but I was wrong. Within two weeks the camera was sold. People were actually getting in line. So there's still demand for that camera.

And now, we wait. wait till the new M10 (black) is available again. Which could be a couple of weeks. Well... #FirstWorldProblems

Posted on July 16, 2017 and filed under Leica M.