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Leica Mini M Specifications Leaked


The website published more details about the upcoming Leica Mini M. The specifications were listed in french, but should give a good impression of what we might expect.

Leica Mini M Specifications

Leica Mini M Specifications

These specs are nice, but not for a $3000 USD price. There are numerous other camera's with similar (or better specs on paper) that are much cheaper. Especially the new zoom lens starting at a f/3.5 is kinda disappointing.

But what if this is not a fixed lens camera? What if it's actually a M-Mount camera with an 16MPix APS-C sensor. Why call it a Mini-M if is doesn't have an M-Mount?
The lens in the leaked photo could just be the start of a new family of Leica M-Mount lenses. Lenses with autofocus and zoom capabilities. All you would need is some electronic contacts in the mount.

If that's the case, the $3000 price-range is justifiable for more. I'd be interested in this camera. Especially if there gonna be some great (Mini-M) zoom lenses.

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