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Goodbye My Old Friend

Ever since the introduction of the Leica M10, I got this itch. One I didn't get when Leica introduced every other type 2xx version of the M-camera. But the new M10 doesn't come cheap, and what's a 6/7 year old M9 worth nowadays? An upgrade is only an option if I get a certain amount for my M9.

'Fortunately', my M9 suffered from sensor corrosion and got a free sensor replacement including some minor service which made the camera more valuable, so this was a perfect time to try to sell the camera and get a bit more money for it.

Since the Leica M9 was relatively old I didn't expect to sell the camera that quickly, but I was wrong. Within two weeks the camera was sold. People were actually getting in line. So there's still demand for that camera.

And now, we wait. wait till the new M10 (black) is available again. Which could be a couple of weeks. Well... #FirstWorldProblems

Posted on July 16, 2017 and filed under Leica M.

Leica Released The Leica M10

Leica M10

I got the Leica M9 a couple of years ago, and in the meantime they released several Leica M Type 24x and 26x versions with, and without video etc. I still like the M9, eventhough it lacks video, high ISO, etc.. I like it because it digital photography without any overhead. No fancy auto-focus, 4k video with 10-axis stabilization. It's digital photography in its purest form.

Today, they released the Leica M10. A new M camera which (thankfully) doesn't shoot video and has no Electronic View-Finder (EVF). No gimmicks. Nothing (well it does have Live View, and you can buy an overprices EVF for it.....)
It is thinner, has better ISO performance, it's faster, it's... well... it's like an M9 on steroids, and it's on my wish-list, because I want it. Is that wrong?

Posted on January 19, 2017 and filed under Leica, Leica M.

Leica Mini M Announcement

Leica is going to release a new camera called the Leica Mini M on June 11th 2013.

My prediction (wishful thinking);

  • Smaller form factor M (P&S) style camera (Fuji X-Pro-like perhaps)
  • Full frame sensor
  • M-mount
  • 256k ISO
  • 120fps 4k Extreme HD video
  • GPS
  • magical autofocus wizardy
  • Price-range: €750 - €1000

Posted on May 23, 2013 and filed under Leica M.

The Leica M, and Will I Get One?

Leica MLeica announced the new Leica M rangefinder camera earlier this week. It wasn't named the M10, but just M. The new rangefinder will have:

  • 24Mpix CMOS sensor
  • Better ISO performance
  • Live-view with focus peaking
  • Movie-mode (max. 1080p@25fps)
  • Better dynamic range
  • Bigger and better LCD screen
  • Leica R Lens compatible (with optional adapter)
  • Optional Electronic Viewfinder
  • Optional Grip with extra features (external flash, power, usb, etc.)

The price will be around the original M9 pricing (€6800), and available in the beginning of 2013. The price is a steep figure compared to other (dSLR) camera's, but that shouldn't be a surprise. In hindsight, the price is lower what the rumors predicted (around €8000).

Will I want one? Sure, but not before the camera is on the market for at least a year, so that the firmware has matured, and all the annoyances/bugs are fully documented.

With the purchase of a new Leica M, I fear that I have to sell my Nikon gear (along with the current M9 off-course). This is more of a sentimental issue, since I hardly use the Nikon anyway. I use my M9 >95% of the time.

So keep an eye on this blog, to see if I'm really gonna get me a Leica M within the next two years (or so).

Posted on September 21, 2012 and filed under Leica M, Photography.