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PlayStation Network Down and How To Get It Working Again

This Christmas (2014), several gaming networks were attacked by a DDoS. One of those networks being the Playstation Network (PSN). This resulted in severe downtime during the holiday season. Sony is/was working hard to resolve this and service is being restored all around the world. Except for me (and probably several thousand other gamers). As of this morning (December 29th, 2014) I was unable to log on to PSN. All I got was one of the much telling error codes:



Someone on the Interwebs mentioned that a change in the MTU size might help. The MTU size is the maximum transfer unit on a network, which is normally at 1500 (bytes) for regular network clients. In some case it's preferable to adjust this size (I won't get into details).

In the case of PSN being down, an adjustment from 1500 (the default) to 1473 seems to do the trick at the moment. Not sure if it wil hold up in the (near) future, but at least you can get online to play on your new Playstation 4 or with the new game you got for Christmas.

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu.
  2. Go to “Network” sub-menu.
  3. Go to "Set Up Internet Connection".
  4. Choose your media (WiFi or LAN).
  5. Choose “Custom.”
  6. Leave everything as default except MTU (Manual).
  7. Change MTU settings to “1473”.
  8. Save your changes.
  9. Test the Internet connection.

And if you are more of a visual kinda person:

Everything should work now. If not, you may try a reboot.

Lowering the MTU size means that smaller packets are being send over the network (max. 1473 bytes instead of 1500 byte packets) , this is not a bad thing, but might lead to some performance problems in some cases. Just remember that you changed this setting. You want to (or have to) change this back to the default (1500) in the future.

I do not know if this works for other gaming devices. You may try at your own risk (and leave the results in the comments if you'd like).

UPDATE: As of this morning I was able to sign in to PSN with an MTU of 1500 (access the Playstation Store etc.), but I was unable to play online games (Battlefield 4). Changing the MTU back to 1473 fixed that (again).

UPDATE 2: As of this morning (31 december) I can also connect to PSN with an MTU of 1500, so everything is back to normal.

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Yet another great iPhone game I found in the iPhone store. Canabalt is a bit more expensive (but still below €3). It's a running game. The graphics aren't that flashy. There's only black, white and some area's of grey in between. As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of an Apple classic called Dark Castle.

Controlling the game is real easy (just tap your finger on the screen to jump). The only variation is that you can tap harder (or softer) to jump higher (or lower). That's about it.....

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The Future of Gaming

Anyone who keeps (a bit) up with the world of computer gaming knows about the release about the new XBox360 game Halo3. Yet another game which appears on my list to buy if, and when, I get a XBox360 Elite. Other titles on the list are BioShock, and Gears of War. But after seeing this video, I wonder..... should I buy the game and help in creating the apocalypse halocast....
At least we end up with the greatest game of all time :)
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Sony Limits PS2 Compatibility on PS3

The great thing about the current game consoles is that people who have (owned) an older version still can play their games. most XBox games run on the XBox 360. Nintendo also offers great backwards compatibility on their Wii. Sony has to be the one company who differs. The current PS3 (sold in the US and Japan) offer backwards compatibility with PS2 games (to some extend). The PS3 which will be available in Europe will have a different 'engine'. This means that backwards compatibility is much less. Way to go Sony. This means that the current PS2 owners have to keep their PS2 as well.... I'm stil in the orientation phase in deciding which console (Xbox360, Nintendo Wii or the PS3) I should buy, when I get my new HD-TV. I guess that PS3 is dropping a few places with this strategy, cause older games come cheap and can still offer lot's of fun.
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Gears of War

Never had the urge of buying a console. No Playstations, Xboxes or whatever for me. Always enjoyed playing games behind my desk on my 1337 gaming PC.... untill now. There's a new game available for the XBox-360. It's called Gears of War, and it looks awesome. Perhaps I need to adjust my opinion on gaming consoles. The official trailer can be viewed here.
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