iSync / .Mac alternative

Since the combination of iSync (for synching stuff on your Mac) and .Mac is expensive, and the performance is poor (slow network, limited space), I was looking for an alternative.

A while ago (during my PowerBook days) I found a webpage describing a modification of the Apache webserver on FreeBSD Linux. This combo made it possible to simulate the .Mac servers. Therefore, making it possible to 'run' .Mac on your own Linux server.

The main drawback is that I don't have the knowledge, or resources to run a proper linux server. So that was a 'no-go'.

After that disappointment I didn't bother to look any further. I didn't use any syncing stuff and just made regular backups, untill I listened to a PodCast from the MacObserver. They mentioned the problem again, and it made me start looking for an answer again.

I ran into a program called SyncUpX, which supports syncing to WebDav (which uses iSync as well), and lots of other media (network, local disks, etc.).

The fun part of this was that I ran a bit later into an advert for SyncUpX on So it seems that they had the answer right under their noses :)
Posted on October 6, 2006 and filed under Apple, Software, Switched2Mac.