Apple Mac Tablet

After a couple of  Microsoft posts, a new Apple related post.
According to MacRumors, we may get a Tablet Mac in 2007. Rumors or not, this would be very nice to have. That, and a Mac Pro, Mac Mini, etc. :).

Well, I guess that my tax refunds for 2006 are already spoken for :). It's could become an expensive Apple year for me. iMac or a Mac Pro as the substitute for my Windows PC. Replacing my Windows based server for a Mac Mini, new iPod with touchscreen and bigger display (rumor), a Apple iPhone (rumor), and now a Apple Mac Tablet (another rumor). I almost forgot the new announced iTV thing that they showed a couple of weeks ago......
Oh man, so many new Apple wannahaves, and so 'little' money.
Posted on November 26, 2006 and filed under Apple, Gadgets, Hardware, Switched2Mac.