The reasons for not switching to the Mac platform completely are gaming for my regular PC, and some typical Windows software that I use on my server. I use NewsLeecher on my server to download linux distro's and other stuff ;) from the Internet. There is no (Mac) application that comes even near it in terms of usability etc.

The last couple of days I heard, and read some good reviews about CrossOver. This application emulates (or whatever you call it) a Windows environment for that single application. So no virtual machines etc, where you need to install windows first, and then the application in that Windows OS. When installing the application in (or with) CrossOver it looks like the Windows application is actually running on OSX.

So it was time for an experiment.... I needed to check if NewsLeecher would run in CrossOver (note: NewsLeecher has not been tested according to the compatibility database on their website). The installation process of newsleecher was quite simple. You get all the same screens etc.

After the installation I tried to launch NewsLeecher, and the application crashed with an error stating that "gdiplus.dll" was corrupt or missing. After adding this DLL (copied it from a Windows machine), NewsLeecher started :), BUT crashed a bit later on a OLE error :(. Next thing was to copy all OLE related DLL's from my Windows\system32 directory to my Mac. After this the application actually ran (it started with a warning). I could add newsservers, and subscribe to newsgroups. The only downside was that SuperSearch wouldn't work, and downloading news articles crashed the application :(.

Eventhough NewsLeecher wouldn't run without crashing, the CrossOver application itself is wonderful. It supports most of the normal Microsoft applications like Office etc., and lot's of other apps. I guess it's just a matter of time before (almost) every application for Windows can run on a (Intel) Mac.

This also means that I need to save me some money to buy me a new server (Mac Mini) first, and after that a new workstation (iMac 24", or a Mac Pro).
Posted on September 27, 2006 and filed under Apple, Software, Switched2Mac.