Reality Donor Show Was a HOAX

A couple of weeks ago, a non-commercial TV station BNN announced that they would air a live kidney donor show. The idea was that a terminal ill patient got to decide which kidney patient could get her kidney. Lot's, and lot's of people (from all over the world) thought that this was an outrage.

Yesterday the show aired (even though lot's of government officials were against it). At the end of the show, it seemed that it was just a hoax. The terminally ill patient was an actrice, but the needy kidney patients were real.

Reason for airing this show was to make people see that organ donation is needed (a lot). It seems that Holland has to lowest rate of organ donors in Europe.
Well, they surely succeeded in raising attention to the subject. The news travelled all over the world.

Personally, I've been a registered donor since 1998. They may harvest my body, when I'm dead of course, for the good of mankind. After which they may burn what's left behind.
My opinion on organ donation is that someone who is a donor should have a much higher priority for receiving a donor organ. Live isn't just about taking/consuming. It's also about giving.

If you're not registered as a donor... click here, and make sure you become one as soon as possible.
Posted on June 2, 2007 and filed under News, Personal.