Cannot Authorize Phone

Oke, the first annoyance about the Nokia E61 is a fact. Well, actually it's about the Nokia PC Suite with which you can connect the phone to your (Windows) PC.

Somehow my Nokia E61i wouldn't connect using bluetooth with the Nokia Software. It could connect to the PC itself, but the Nokia software didn't want to 'see' the phone.
So I tried to remove the pairing between de two devices (which seemed to work). After that I tried to pair the two devices again... That's were the trouble started.

The software did see the phone via bluetooth, but it gave an error when I wanted to connect. The error said 'Cannot Authorize Phone'. Connecting via the USB cable worked fine.

I tried rebooting the PC and the phone several times, but the error persisted. Finally I removed the software from the PC and reinstalled it. Same error occured :mad: .

This was the point when I seriously thought about going back to a Windows Mobile device. There was one more thing I might try, and that was going through the registry of the PC and remove EVERY reference to Nokia. I first uninstalled the software and afterwards I removed everything Nokia-related in the registry.

After a reboot I reinstalled the Nokia PC Suite software, and everything worked fine.
This proves that Nokia software is as buggy as Microsoft software.

How hard is it for a piece of software/developer to remove all references to the software when you remove it? (rhetorical question)
Posted on June 3, 2007 and filed under Annoying, Software, Tips'n Tricks.