SafeSign and OSX

After my blog post on OSX and Aladdin eToken I received a phonecall from Haaino @ AET Europe. He offered the SafeSign software for OSX so I could try their OSX software as well.

The SafeSign software is used with smartcards and smartcard readers like the OmniKey smartcard readers. Through my line of work, no lack of smartcards and/or readers. Only the software was missing (up till now).

The package I received contained TokenLounge software and the SafeSign v3.0 drivers for OSX. After installation of the software, you're left with Token Administration, and TokenLounge Software. The software installation took place on an iMac running OSX 10.5.5.

Token Admin Token AdminToken Lounge Token LoungeThe two smartcard readers (a GemPC Twin, and a OmniKey CardMan 3121) were recognized immediately by the software (as shown in the Token Admin screenshot).

After this I had to add the smartcard to FireFox. This process is similar to the eToken process. Just follow the procedure described on the eToken post. For completing this you need to refer to the following file:


SafeSign support in FireFox SafeSign support in FireFox

Same goes for using (SafeSign) smartcards with TrueCrypt.

SafeSign support in TrueCrypt SafeSign support in TrueCryptIt seems though that you can only use one Security Device at a time with TrueCrypt (you can always change the Library Path to another device)

The interface of the Token Lounge software suggests that you can map identities (certificates) to user accounts in OSX. Suggests, because about an hour before I tested the software my company smartcard got fried for some weird reason. So this piece of software will be tested when I receive my new company smartcard with matching signing and encryption certificates.

Conclusion so far: easy installable software. No opinion yet on it's usage and/or integration with the rest of OSX.

Guess I've earned being a Certified SafeSign Identity Client Administrator


Posted on December 10, 2008 and filed under Apple, Security, Software.