(Theoretical) Apple iPad Thoughts

Apple iPadApple announced the iPad this week. Basically, it's an oversized iPhone/iPod Touch. It comes in several 'sizes'. Meaning different memory sizes (16, 32, and 64GB). The 3G option is an option on all versions (which sets you back an additional >$130).

The size is too big to put it in your pocket, but I think the device will find many owners in frequent flyers market. Smaller than a laptop, and bigger than the iPhone. Just the right size.

I do have my doubts about the device as a gaming platform. It's too big to cover the entire screen with your hands when you're holding it. The iPhone/iPod Touch can be held with both hands and you can access every part of the screen just with your thumbs (at least I can).

Watching movies and TV series should be a big improvement on this device. I find the iPhone still a bit too small for watching entire movies.

With the device Apple also introduced iBooks. An iTunes service for buying eBooks. Problem with this service is that it's US ONLY(!!!!!). Just as US ONLY as TV series, movies and e.g. Nikon's Learn & Explore iPhone app (but that's a different story....). So, we (here in the rest of the world) will need to find other uses for this device....

One of those uses is viewing your photos on it. An optional accessory is the Camera Connection Kit, which enables you to transfer photos directly from your camera to your iPad (no doubt JPEG only). This gives you an excellent viewer in the field if your camera display is too small. No doubt that several devellopers will create photo viewers for the device within weeks.

Another great use is to use it as a photo portfolio presentation device. The iPhone and iPod Touch could also be used, but there screens are a bit small for viewing high quality photos. The iPad with its 1024*768 screen is just fine for this. And since it's basically a big iPhone, you can still surf the web, use e-mail, and play games. Only on a much bigger screen.

Finally, will I buy this iPad? Probably, but definitely NOT the first generation. I'll wait at least till the second generation. I've seen this with the iPhone, and I'm glad I waited at least till the iPhone 3Gs.

'Off-topic': The device will become more attractive in Europe (and other parts of the world) if it gets jailbroken, so we can put our own eBooks on it.... And to put things into perspective; my iPhone is still 'safe behind bars' .

Posted on January 28, 2010 and filed under Apple, Gadgets.