Windows 8(.1)... What The Hell Were They Thinking?


Even though I switched to the Apple operating systems and devices in my personal life, I still have some laptops, and virtual machines around for work.  In the almost 15 years, I seen, used, supported and troubleshot(??) basically every Windows operating system around.

If you follow the development of the OS through the years, it's getting better with (almost) every release. There were some bad ones though; Windows Millennium Edition, and Windows Vista were most notorious.... Until now. Now we have Windows 8(.1).

Windows 8(.1) is (in my opinion) a Frankenstein monster that incorporates a tablet Metro desktop and a crippled old-skool desktop.

Metro-style interface

Old-skool desktop with the 'start' button. 

The 'Metro' desktop is useless on laptops or desktops. Mainly because it's designed for tablets. The old-skool desktop is a bit less useless, because you have to switch for some things to the Metro interface to get things done. And this is presented to the end-user as some sort of hybrid (part beauty and part ugly) desktop.

And then there's the onscreen keyboard. Why include an onscreen keyboard ON A LAPTOP OR DESKTOP??? In the 'old days' the keyboard near the system tray (lower right part on the desktop) gave you a choice of physical keyboard/language layouts. Not that I used that a lot, but it made sense (to some extent).

The Windows button on your keyboard still works like it did in Windows 7. Windows-E opens the Windows Explorer window. Completely in the old-skool CGA/EGA colors we liked so much in the early nineties. 

Windows with hideous borders.

And then there are the new features (the one I ran into anyway). In the older Windows version you could manage your wireless networks. One of the functions was to delete or forget a wireless network. Handy, especially in test environments. In Windows 8(.1), you don't have this option in the GUI (old-skool desktop or Metro interface.) .

Note: The absence of the right-mouse click on a wireless network works on some versions / editions of Windows 8(.1??). I have no idea on which, but I have heard mixed results. 

Removing wireless networks needs to be done by issuing a command on the command prompt..... <voila... title explanation>.

netsh wlan delete profile name=[SSID name]

I just hope that this is a bug, and that it will be gone with an update.

Posted on October 30, 2013 and filed under Annoying, Microsoft, Operating Systems.